How Do I Approach the Topic of Divorce with My Children?

Divorce is never easy for families. And seeing their parents break up can be extremely upsetting for children. Children typically want nothing more than for their mother and father to get along and always be together. And it can be very difficult for them to understand that in the long run, a divorce can be the best choice for the entire family.

So if you know that a divorce is imminent, how do you address the subject with your children? Well, understand that breaking the news to your children is not going to be easy. But you can make things go a little smoother if you are prepared.

It is quite likely your children will have a number of concerns. One of their questions may be about living accommodations. Understandably, they may wonder if the divorce will mean moving to a new neighborhood, which means going to a different school and making new friends. And they may want to know what changes are in store regarding holidays and vacations.

It is best, to be honest with your children and give them as much information as you can. But if you don’t have all the answers, let them know that some things still need to be worked out.

Much of what concerns your children will likely be tied to child custody terms. And perhaps you are still trying to create an amenable parenting plan. If this is the case, you may want to seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can help you craft an agreement aimed at serving you and your children’s needs.

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