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If you are facing divorce and have concerns about how your assets and debts will be divided, contact Tracton Law Firm for legal assistance. With more than 40 years of practicing family law and representing thousands of clients in divorces, I know how to help couples reasonably and fairly divide their property, assets, and debts. I take a compassionate approach to conflict resolution, especially in cases like property division that can be emotionally and financially strenuous. I can help you with the following types of property division issues:

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Establishing Community and Separate Property

The general standard of dividing property as a married couple in Texas is through equitable distribution. Under the equitable distribution standard, all assets, property, and/or investments that were acquired during the marriage are automatically assumed to be community property and thus will be divided in a fair and equitable way between both parties. Some examples of community or marital property that may be divided are:

  • the family home;
  • personal property (jewelry, clothing);
  • income, dividends, benefits;
  • retirement accounts that either spouse contributed to during the marriage.

However, certain property is considered to be separate from the marriage and owned solely by one spouse, not to be divided between the couple. Generally, separate property is anything that belonged to one spouse prior to the marriage and was kept separate throughout the marriage, such as an inheritance or a gift made to one spouse alone.

Proper identification of property is fundamental to your financial health following a divorce. If you have questions about what property is considered community and what you might retain as separate property, I can help. I have handled the division of many types of assets, including retirement plans, investment assets, and other separate property, and I know how to find ways to establish your property as separate and not communal.

How the Court Will Decide

Note that equitable distribution does not mean an equal 50/50 split. The court can decide what is deemed a “fair” division based on the following factors:

  • the education, ages, and health of each spouse, as well as their earning capacities, skills, and business opportunities;
  • whether a spouse is the primary caregiver for the children;
  • the amount of separate property each spouse owns; and
  • whether one spouse was at fault in causing the divorce.

You and your spouse can negotiate a division agreement without having to go to court, but if you cannot cooperate, or if there are some disputes you cannot agree on, the court will make the final decision. The court will usually accept a proposed agreement, so it is recommended to work with a property division lawyer to at least attempt negotiation. 


Protect Your Assets During Property Division

During a divorce, the division of property can be a complex and emotional process. It's important to have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side to protect your assets and ensure a fair outcome. Our Sugar Land property division attorney at Tracton Law Firm is dedicated to providing strategic and compassionate representation for spouses in Fort Bend, Harris, and Brazoria counties.

Our legal team will work tirelessly to establish and protect your community and separate property, advocating for your best interests every step of the way. We understand the nuances of property division laws in Texas and will guide you through the process with personalized attention and expertise.

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