My Spouse Wants to Move Our Child Out of the State; What Can I Do?

Going through separation and divorce as a parent can feel overwhelming. In addition to shifting to separate households, you must consider what is best for your children.

As your lives shift and change, you may face challenges. When your ex starts talking about uprooting and leaving Texas, it can be challenging to know what comes next or keep emotions at bay.

Here’s what you should know if your ex considers moving out of the state with your children.

Working together

There are many reasons your ex may want to move out of Texas. However, when you have a joint conservatorship (or joint custody agreement), they cannot move without giving ample notice and taking the time to renegotiate the parenting plan. This gives you the time needed to figure out what logistically will work the best for your children.

When it is time to talk about the logistics of a joint conservatorship that includes parents in two different states, you will need to consider factors such as:

  • Where the children attend school
  • The relationship each parent has with the children
  • Geographical proximity
  • Preferences of the children (if they are old enough)
  • Each parent’s ability to provide and care for the children

Renegotiating the parenting plan can be a collaboration. While the logistics may add some frustration, when you work together, you can find a solution that will support your children and your ability to have positive relationships with them.

Remember that there are consequences if your ex attempts to move without giving notice and without renegotiating the parenting plan. There are opportunities to work together, but they require both parties to be willing to find a mutually beneficial solution.

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