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Every child deserves the support and love of both of their parents. However, during a divorce, the waters can get muddied by the other aspects of the divorce process.

At my firm, Tracton Law Firm, PLLC, I make a point of building detailed, thorough divorce cases that leave nothing out. I advocate for my clients and their children to get the proper results for their circumstances.

How Is Child Support Calculated In Texas?

The best interests of the children involved are the determining factor for child support. The court’s only goal is to ensure that the children receive the help and support they need until they reach the age of majority or beyond in the case of children with special needs.

Beyond that, the court will review the net income of the “obligor” – the person required to pay support – and calculate the support payment based on the number of children. This means that an obligor with more children will pay more in support, which can impact a person’s lifestyle.

High-Asset Child Support

The maximum most people would pay is $3,680, but this assumes that a person has no more than the monthly net resources of $9,200 and five or more children. If your income, after all state, local and federal taxes, health insurance costs and so forth, exceeds $9,200, the court may order additional levels of child support.

In high-asset child support cases, I provide my clients with a total understanding of their liabilities and concerns throughout the divorce process.

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