What to Do if Your Children’s Mother Does Not Allow You to Visit

Being a father is difficult, especially when you are going through a split with your spouse. The stress of separation and divorce can leave you feeling bitter, which can impact how you interact with your children.

Matters can worsen if your ex is trying to keep your children away from you. You may worry that this situation will have a long-term negative effect on your kids and your relationship with them, but thankfully, there are things that you can do to ease the situation.

Know your rights

You have the right to visit your children at certain times depending on the day of the week, the vacation or the special occasion. The court will give you a default schedule, but you may be able to choose different pickup and dropoff times. How often you visit your kids depends on how far away you live from your ex and what the court deems appropriate.

While there are some situations that can make parenting time lopsided, most judges take the view that children benefit most from equal (or reasonably close) time with both parents.

Communicate with your ex

Co-parenting is not easy in a contentious divorce, but some factors may be negotiable if you keep communication open and clear. It could be that your ex has concerns you were not aware of before, and you might be able to address them. The right communication can also make parenting more consistent, which benefits your children.

Despite the disagreements that you may have with your ex, you must remember that your kids come first. It is important to set clear boundaries and reassure your children of your love and commitment.

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