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Relocating With Your Child After Divorce in sugar land

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For professional parents who are divorced, child custody agreements can be complex. This is especially true when your career trajectory requires you to move across the state or out of state in order to move forward or to maintain employment.

Sugar Land attorney Michael Tracton has three decades of experience handling Texas divorce, child custody and relocation issues for parents. He works to create modifications that first serve the best interest of the child or children while also meeting the career or life demands of the parent. He offers new clients an initial consultation.

Maintaining Your Relationship With Your Child

The practice of parenting is not a static operation. It is constantly changing, always in flux. Just as a child’s school, friends, interests and size change, so too do their needs and wants. Parents must be flexible and agile in this respect. But a parent may also face life changes. Many factors can influence where they need or want to live. Some reasons for seeking a modification due to relocation may involve:

  • A new job or promotion
  • A transfer within the current company
  • A marriage
  • Better cost of living
  • Moving closer to family
  • A health issue
  • Educational pursuits

Every parenting plan is different. It may also be a fluid agreement that changes with the season or school year. Most plans are made to be modified. Because it is in the child’s best interest to have both parents involved in their life, it is important to find creative solutions that allow for a parent to improve their own life and, tangentially, the life of their child. A major life event can affect both custody and support. Any modifications need to also account for a child with special needs.

In most cases, judges prefer that a child’s life be as undisrupted as possible. But a relocation may also offer the child new and beneficial opportunities, especially if the parenting plan is modified in a way that satisfies the needs of the child and is “doable” for both parents. Changing an existing Texas plan most often requires the guidance and representation of an experienced Texas family law attorney. Attorney Michael Tracton has extensive experience with making plans work.

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Michael Tracton has helped hundreds of clients get to a better place in their lives over the past 40 years. 

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