Parental Alienation

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Protecting Parental Bonds in Texas

Children who are exposed to high-conflict divorce may begin to display emotional detachment from one or both parents. This may be exacerbated by one parent actively attempting to build ill will in a child’s mind against the other parent. This is known as parental alienation syndrome (PAS), and it can occur during divorce proceedings or after a divorce is final.

If criticism of the other parent is prolonged or particularly severe, the effects can be heartbreaking and irreversible. A child may begin to express a strong hatred toward the other parent. The result can be tragic for all concerned.

Identify Parental Alienation: Key Signs to Watch For

Warning signs of parental alienation include:

  • One parent continuously degrades the other parent.
  • The alienated parent is made to be the scapegoat for everything.
  • The child excessively insults and disrespects the alienated parent.
  • The child completely supports the alienating parent.
  • The child feels guilty whenever he or she expresses love toward the alienated parent.
  • The child fears being rejected by the programmer or alienator.
  • The child is also poisoned against his or her therapist.
  • The child gives frivolous reasons as to why he or she doesn’t want to see the alienated parent.
  • The child calls the alienated parent a liar or other hurtful names.

Parental alienation is considered a form of child abuse. At the Tracton Law Firm, PLLC, in Sugar Land, Texas, I have experience working with occurrences of parental alienation. If you feel your relationship with your child is being impacted by parental alienation, I can take immediate legal action to reverse the abusive behavior.

I will petition the court to allow you and your child to attend therapy to repair your relationship. If appropriate, I will ask the court for a full psychological evaluation of all parties — you, the alienating parent and your child — to determine whether there has been undue influence on the child to act in a certain manner.

Take Action Against Parental Alienation 

Alienation of a parent is a complicated topic involving numerous variables. It is imperative to discuss your concerns with an experienced Sugar Land parental alienation lawyer as soon as possible.

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