Why Parents Try Mediation Before Going to Court

It takes a lot for parents to stay calm when they are discussing child custody, especially when they do not agree on a plan. In some situations, parents know that there is no chance of them working together to find a child custody arrangement that will make them both happy, so they decide to go to court.

The following are reasons parents go to mediation to solve their child custody dispute:

  • Helps parents learn to communicate calmly and rationally.
  • Solution may be found sooner than it would in court.
  • Saves parents time and money.
  • Gives parents the chance to find an arrangement that benefits them, as well as the child.

Going to mediation is not something that all parents find helpful. In fact, in some cases, they may still not be able to agree on anything and will eventually end up in court. At that point, the decision will be left up to the judge who may or may not give both parents what it is that they want.

Child custody is not something that all parents are able to discuss without guidance from someone. Whether that person is an attorney or another party, everyone should keep the child’s best interests in mind when they are trying to negotiate custody arrangements. Parents who are having difficulty working together to find an arrangement that works for all parties involved should consider contacting an attorney, as they may be able to assist during the mediation process, as well as in court, should the dispute need to be resolved by a judge.

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