How Filing for Divorce in a Certain State Can Affect You

Couples who decide that their marriage is no longer working out have many things to get in order before they can legally end their marriage. They will have a number of things on their plate, but before they can really get the ball rolling and move forward with the divorce process, the first thing they will need to do is file for divorce. Filing for divorce is emotional, but it actually may be the easiest part of the divorce for some couples.

For those in the military, there are different laws to adhere to when divorcing, specifically where people are allowed to file. Since they have a number of options as to where they can file, their first step is a little different because they first have to determine which state they will file for divorce in before they file. This step is one that may take time because there are both pros and cons to filing in certain states.

Deciding what state to file for divorce in is just one of the many things that couples need to figure out, but it also one that is important. Along with different laws that may favor one spouse over the other, spouses may also have to deal with traveling to another state for divorce proceedings. This is common when the civilian spouse is the one to file, and they decide to do so where they are a resident instead of the state in which their spouse is stationed. Although the filing spouse doesn’t necessarily have to discuss this with their spouse, when one spouse is in the military, it can be quite difficult for them to deal with divorce proceedings when they are in a state other than where they are stationed.

Divorce can be an emotional experience for couples to go through, but it can be even worse when there are things that make the process more complicated. If it is easier for spouses to file in one state rather than the other, it is something they should discuss when they decide to divorce. Regardless, it would be wise for both parties to hire an attorney who can assist during the divorce process and answer any questions spouses may have before and following the divorce being granted.

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