File for Divorce in a State That Benefits You

It is not always easy to file for divorce, but for many, civilians or service members, when the marriage is over, there is really no other choice. Once a couple has decided that the marriage is over, it will be time to move forward with the process and file for divorce. For some, choosing where to file for divorce will be an easy decision simply because of how state laws can benefit them.

Every state has its own laws regarding the military divorce process. Typically, military couples are eligible to file for a divorce in more than one state. So the question becomes, which is the best state in which to file?

A good way to understand how state laws can affect how a divorce plays out is by looking at property division laws. For example, one state may have equitable distribution, which is when the judge divides property based on what they believe is fair. When this happens, the property isn’t always divided evenly.

There are also some states where the law says that marital property will be divided evenly, which some may see as a more desirable option, especially if they do not feel as though they would receive more in a state with equitable distribution.

If you are in the process of going through a military divorce, hiring an attorney can be an important part of the process. It is not always easy to address certain divorce legal matters, but with a little help, the process does not have to be a long, difficult one. An attorney with the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton may be able to assist you with your divorce.

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