Father and Stepfather Put an End to Their Custody Battle

It is not always easy being a parent. Things can already be difficult when a person and the other parent of their child don’t get along, but things can especially be hard to deal with when the other parent is doing everything they can to keep their child away from them and not allow them to see them even though it is their right. In some cases, they may even have to deal with other people, who are not the biological parents, attempting to gain custody of their children.

It was recently reported that a Connecticut father was battling for custody of his two children with their stepfather. The custody battle began after the children’s mother died of cancer and the father began reaching out to their stepfather in an attempt to spend time with his children. At first, the children’s step-father did not allow the father to be a part of his children’s lives, but it was finally agreed that the father would get to see his children once a week when they have dinner with him. There is also allegedly a visitation schedule that the father and stepfather will be working out so the father can spend more time with his children.

This may be a rare incident, but any father in any state could face a similar problem as this parent did. There are many circumstances that can cause a father to not have custody of his children, but it is still important that he try to gain custody and spend time with his children. It was not made clear why the mother had custody of the children, but it is a good thing that the father wanted to have a relationship with his children because not every father does.

Fathers deserve to be a part of their children’s lives. If they are facing a custody or paternity issue that is preventing them from spending time with their children, they may want to hire an attorney to help them. When a father has established paternity, he has the right to pursue custody of his child regardless of what the other parent may feel.

Source: Patch, “Father/Stepfather Custody Battle Ends,” Rich Scinto, Nov. 28, 2015

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