Same-Sex Couples in Texas Urged to Consider Adoption

Divorces are not always easy and when there is a child involved things can be even more difficult for people to work through. There are a lot of changes that a person will experience during and after the divorce process that they may not be prepared to deal with. When it comes to same-sex couples, divorcing can affect many things in their life, even the relationship they have with their child and whether or not they will be able to continue to be apart of their child’s life.

In Texas, it has recently been reported that attorneys have been urging same-sex couples to consider adopting their children. This issue has been discussed because of how it has negatively affected same-sex partners who have divorced and have had to deal with losing their children because they did not legally adopt them. Since a person who legally adopts a child is seen as that child’s parent, should the couple divorce, both people will be seen as the child’s parents and have rights that they can exercise.

How the court views this issue varies from state to state, so not all parents will have to deal with not being seen as the child’s legal parent if they fail to adopt the child they have been raising. Even though some states may think differently about this issue, that doesn’t mean people should not play it safe and adopt their child. It can prove especially helpful if they want to get sole custody of the child after the divorce.

After having to deal with the emotional process of a divorce, it can be another devastating blow for a parent if they find out they will no longer have the child that they have helped raise in their life. Anyone who is divorcing their current spouse may want to speak to an attorney. Whether they need help dealing with divorce legal matters or the issue of adoption, an attorney can stand by their side and help them fight for what they want.

Source:┬áKERA News,”Texas Lawyers Are Telling Same-Sex Parents to Legally Adopt Their Kids,” Joy Diaz, Nov. 10. 2015

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