There Are Many Ways to Stay Close to Your Child While Deployed

If you are a military parent, you face many challenges in regard to spending time with your children. This is especially true during times of deployment when you and your children could be half a world apart. At such times, it can be difficult to maintain the kind of relationship that you would enjoy if you were all living under one roof. But there are ways to stay connected to your children, even when you are far away serving your country.

Thanks to the internet, it is possible to interact with your child via Skype or other such video chatting platforms. By using these programs, you can do many of the fun things together that you would do if you were home. For example, you can have face-to-face discussions or even read stories, which works especially well with younger children

But while video chatting certainly has its benefits, so too does the old-fashioned handwritten letter. A letter is a tangible memento that your child can hold, look at and show to other people. Letters also allow you to express yourself creatively. You can write stories or draw pictures that let your child know that he or she is very special and in your thoughts.

But perhaps seeing your children is a challenge even after your deployment ends because you and the child’s other parent are in the process of divorcing. If such is the case, you want to make sure that you are able to get the most favorable¬†child custody terms¬†possible. Having an experienced military divorce attorney on your side could prove extremely beneficial.

An attorney can help you craft a parenting agreement that includes contingencies pertaining to your service. This could include mandatory time for video chats and other appropriate measures to help ensure you and your child can spend time together.

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