What Makes a Strong Parenting Plan?

When you have children, divorce is not only about your interests. It takes a strong parenting plan to ensure your children do not suffer long-term consequences through no fault of their own.

However, you might not know where to start. If you want what is best for your children, keep reading to learn more about creating a successful parenting plan.

Think realistically about your schedule

Texas law¬†dictates that both parents should be joint managing conservators. Legally, both parents have decision-making power when it comes to the well-being of their children. This does not mean you must split your time equally, but the court might recommend it. Consider your children’s needs and communicate with your spouse about scheduling parenting time. 50/50 splits might not be the ideal option for your situation, but each parent should be able to see their child (or children) as much as possible within reason.

Work out communication beforehand

Do not leave your communication with your spouse up to chance. If an emergency arises or you have to make an essential decision for your child, you need to guarantee you can contact your spouse. In addition, you need to establish a communication plan for speaking with your child if you spend significant time away from them.

Consider what is important

Think about the future. As your child grows older, you will need to decide about their education, morality and medical treatment. Start thinking about this right away and find common ground with your spouse about communicating what you feel is vital to your child.

Besides the suggestions listed above, you need to consider many other factors. Find an experienced counselor who can help you avoid parenting pitfalls and work with your spouse to ensure the success of your children.

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