The Common Legal Reasons for a Texas Divorce

Anyone going through a divorce is going to have many questions about the process. If there are children involved there are usually triple the number of questions a couple with no children has. If you are contemplating divorce there are seven reasons that will function as legal reasoning behind your divorce. Most of these reasons would affect the parents and any children involved in the marriage.

Of the seven reasons or grounds, for a divorce only one assigns no blame to either spouse. This is the first reason called insupportability. This reason claims that due to disagreements or differences the marriage cannot be upheld. This is the grounds for divorce for most couples.

The other six reasons for divorce blame the other spouse for reasons the marriage failed. These include if the spouse committed adultery, was cruel, or has not cohabited for three years or more. They also include if the spouse committed a felony for which he was incarcerated for one year or more or if the spouse has been confined to a mental hospital for three years or more with health conditions that are likely to relapse.

When deciding if your marriage should be considered for divorce; look carefully at the reasons above. You may not be aware of legal grounds that may justify your divorce. The way a person files for divorce matters. Family law does not see situations in black and white, so if your husband or wife is to blame for the divorce, it is important that this information be shared with the court. The reason for divorce can impact the remaining divorce proceedings in a negative or positive way.

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