Alleged Child Abuse in Texas Foster Care Facility

Three children were removed from foster care providers following allegations of physical and emotional abuse by their foster parents. A judge in Wood County ruled the three siblings be placed in Child Protective Services temporarily while the case is investigated. The three children, ages 13, 14 and 16 were living with a couple who had been taking care of them for seven years. The couple’s attorney declined to comment and thus far no charges have been filed.

According to reports, the children had been given drugs and forced to dance provocatively at an adult club. According to legal spokespersons, one of the children ran away from the couple’s home following a physical altercation with the foster mother. Attorneys stated the foster caregivers refused to continue custodial parenting for the children. Following an investigation by Child Protective Services, all three of the children reported being abused by the couple.

Court records stated the girl had been struck by the foster mother, as well as hit with a wooden back scratcher. Child protective services had investigated prior allegations of physical abuse but they didn’t have sufficient evidence to press charges. The agency had suspected the foster father had been involved with a previous case of inappropriate sexual behavior involving a case in California several years ago but the details could not be used in court. The charges were subsequently dropped.

A judge had placed the three children with the foster family against the wishes of child protective services. The agency had also been against the previous adoption of a young boy, who is now an adult. They had suspicions about the stability of the home and were not in favor of placing the children there. The case is still under investigation and the foster family has been offered counseling as well as other services.

Child custody is a serious issue and foster care is a big responsibility. Custodial rights should be based on the best interests of the child following the trauma of divorce. The courts have the right to investigate the standards utilized by the state to determine what kind of environment will be the most stable in which to raise children.

Source:, “3 children in Texas sex ring allege new abuse” Juan Lozano, Nov. 13, 2013

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