Why Is the Rate of Gray Divorce Rising?

The rise in gray divorce is a modern-day phenomenon that goes unnoticed by most of the population. According to Psychology Today, the number of gray divorces over 50 will triple by 2030. The question is, why?

Despite the overall decrease in the divorce rate, older generations continue to divorce at higher and higher rates. This article provides a brief overview of the causes of the increased rate of gray divorce.

Cultural norms change

There is not one reason that neatly summarizes the cause; however, one possible impact is a culture shift. Divorce is no longer the social taboo it once was. Most people do not have to fear ostracization for ending their marriage.

Happiness becomes more important

Another cause may be a combination of increased life expectancy and a willingness to acknowledge problems in the marriage. An interesting study suggests that happy relationships are the most crucial factor in living a long healthy life. Ironically, the rise in divorce rate and increased life expectancy might be a two-way street. Because people are more willing to seek happier relationships in their old age, they improve their chances of living longer, better quality lives.

Each effect contributes to the other

So, although it may be true that longer life spans lead to more gray divorce, it is also possible that the rise in gray divorce also contributes to a longer life. It may be a snowball effect, with one result, in turn, contributing to the previous cause.

The causes of gray divorce are relatively easy to speak of broadly, but each couple’s situation is different. Remember that an unhappy relationship may detract from your health as you grow older, and do not be afraid to seek your happiness.

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