What Are the Benefits of a Domestic Partnership?

Marriage is not for everyone. Even though a person decides to forego the ceremony, this does not mean that a person has decided to be alone. Relationships look different from one to the next, and for some couples in Texas and elsewhere, being in a cohabitating relationship is satisfying enough. In these matters, a domestic partnership can be established, allowing for some benefits to being experienced, much like marriage has benefits.

A domestic partnership is a civil union that can have the same benefits of marriage despite not being a marriage. These are commonly formed between same-sex couples. However, any couple could enter into a domestic partnership.

What are the benefits of a domestic partnership? There are four major benefits enjoyed by those involved in a domestic partnership, including being eligible for a family health insurance policy, the right to take a family leave for a sick partner, the right to take bereavement leave, and visitation rights for hospitals and prisons.

And, just like a marriage initiates benefits and a divorce ends them, the benefits of a domestic partnership can end too. It is possible to dissolve a domestic partnership much like a divorce dissolves a marriage. This allows both partners to return to the status they were at before the partnership began. Decisions made during this process can include maintenance, parenting arrangements, child support, the division of property, and other issues that may arise.

Whether a person is married or in a domestic partnership, dissolution issues could arise and family law problems may need to be resolved. It is important to understand the situation and how best to move forward.

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