Requesting Alimony Payments During Dissolution

When it becomes too difficult to keep a marriage together, couples will often cite divorce as their best option. Messy or not, divorce can be a very trying time. It not only means parting ways with a spouse, but also property and assets. And, in cases in which one spouse makes a significant amount more than the other, it could also mean requesting alimony payments.

With over 4,000 divorce filings every day in the U.S., there are many hot topic issues when it comes to the dissolution process. Whether a marriage was short-lived or lasts several decades, finances are often a divorce issue that must be sorted out. But, when it comes to achieving a fair settlement, alimony might be requested.

Even when property and assets are split in half, this may not be viewed as fair, as each spouse has different earnings. And, when there is a significant difference in earnings, the spouse with the lesser income could seek spousal support. The purpose for this is so they can maintain the same lifestyle experienced during the marriage.

Determining the amount of alimony that can achieve this can get complex. However, it is possible to determine the amount and length of time to receive these payments. This varies from situation to situation, and it is based on the length of the marriage and the type of maintenance being sought.

Seeking alimony during dissolution could add disputes to the divorce process. However, for those who believe that they are entitled to these funds, fighting for them can be worth it.

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