The Emotional and Psychological Needs of Children During Divorce

Just because a marriage does not work does not mean spouses cannot continue to co-parent with one another. While spouses in Texas were able to parent well together during a marriage, issues and problems could arise during the separation and divorce process. This can complicate the divorce process, but should not prevent divorcing parents from ensuring the needs of a child are met.

Much like a child needs love, affection, and attention when parents are together, their emotional and mental needs remain the same during and after dissolution. In fact, a child’s emotional and mental well-being is at a higher concern during divorce and child custody matters, since it can turn into a hostile and emotional process. By focusing on the needs of the child while navigating the divorce process, children are more likely to have their needs met at this time and for years to come.

Children have emotional and psychological needs, and by understanding what these are, divorcing parents can ensure that these needs are not harmed during dissolution To begin with, children need approval and acceptance. Children see that their family is breaking, so they will seek to gain approval. Children also want safety and security. By providing normalcy, boundaries, and routines, parents can make the situation better for the children. Because children often feel at fault for their parents’ divorce, parents need to take the time to release any blame a child might take for the event.

Children also need structure and discipline, stability and strength, and permission to be a kid. Divorce can be a very upsetting time, so by providing structure, parents can ease the impact of the process. Stability is also vital, as it provides a child a normal childhood and the needed support for his or her parents. Finally, kids need to be kids. Children should not be used as armor in these matters and should not know all the details of the situation mom and dad are going through.

Divorce can be complex. It is an unhappy time that can impact spouses and their children for a long time. However, it is possible to go through the divorce process with a child’s best interests in mind. This could help parents address any custody or visitation issues, ensuring the needs of the child are met.

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