Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Divorced after 3 Years

Divorce is a tough time for any couple deciding to go through this process. While the end result is the same, there is no right way to divorce. Ending a marriage for one couple can take much longer to complete when compared to another. And, for those going through a high asset divorce, it may take longer. A high-profile couple in Texas and elsewhere may face added challenges because they are in the public eye as well.

According to recent reports, actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are¬†officially divorced. It has been three years since the couple separated and over a year since Garner filed for divorce in April 2017. Details available about the final divorce decree include settlements reached regarding their property and assets as well as joint custody of the couple’s three children.

So, what took the divorce process so long? To begin, the couple’s finances were complicated. They did not include a prenuptial or postnuptial in their marriage, resulting in a lengthy division of the couple’s assets accumulated after 12 years of marriage. Additionally, this news came after an intervention occurred for Affleck. Apparently, he recently entered rehab for alcohol abuse. And, upon his release, the couple will sign and file their final settlement.

Wealthy celebrity or not, the truth is that the divorce process requires spouses to go through a difficult time and to make serious decisions. This could result in many obstacles to overcome. In these cases, it is vital to fully explore one’s rights and how best to move forward with the divorce process.

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