Navigating a Later in Life Divorce

Whether the relationship was doomed from the beginning, or a Texas couple simply growing apart, there are many reasons to get a divorce. And, while this process is never easy, no matter the length of the marriage or the cause of dissolution, many would agree that those getting a divorce later in life experience additional obstacles. The divorce process is generally emotional and difficult, as it often means having a vastly different post-divorce life. But, for those near retirement age, divorce can significantly impact how he or she imagined their retirement to look like.

No one can choose when or if his or her marriage will end through divorce. Thus, it is important to consider how the effects of the process. For those divorcing later in life, there are certain factors to consider when compared to those divorcing earlier in life.

To begin, children, even if they are out of the house, can be impacted by divorce. Unlike children that live at home during the process, they do not experience how there is less stress and animosity now that their parents are divorcing. It can make it hard for older children to visit the family home or even transition to visiting parents at two different homes.

Next, it is important to consider entering or reentering the workforce. It can be challenging to deal with finances alone, if a spouse did not have to work during their marriage. It can also be challenging for older adults to obtain gainful employment, so it is important to keep this in mind.

In addition to the financial situations that a later in life divorce could present, many are not aware of how emotional it is. Going from being a couple for 25 to 35 years to being single can be a traumatic experience. It is a huge adjustment and it takes time to cope with. Because of this, this can make it challenging to navigate the entire process.

No matter one’s age or phase in life, divorce can be a devastating event. While it is not a positive time in life, it might be the best step to take. Even with that thought, it is important to consider all the decisions that need to be made. Those dealing with divorce issues should take the time to fully understand their situation, as this could help them take proper steps to protect him or herself.

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