Navigating Child Custody When Your Child Has ADHD

When you are going through the process of settling a child custody dispute in the state of Texas, you will likely be aware that an agreement is sought to be made that is in the best interests of the child in question. When a child has special needs because of a condition such as ADHD, there may be additional considerations that need to be taken into account to understand what would be in his or her best interests.

In the state of Texas, it is becoming increasingly common for joint custody agreements to be put into place. This essentially means that both parents will have equal amounts of time with the child, usually in a week-by-week setup. In many situations, this can be highly beneficial for the emotional development of a child. However, many parents with children who suffer from ADHD may have concerns about how joint custody agreements might affect their children.

How do I know what will be in the best interests of my ADHD child?

It is probably a wise idea to consult with a mental health professional who will be able to give you advice on what routine may be best for the healthy development of your child. If your child thrives off a routine, joint custody may be challenging for him or her to adapt to. However, by implementing key activities that are consistent regardless of which parent the child is staying with, the child may be able to get used to such as set up over time.

How else can I prepare for child custody agreements for my ADHD child?

It is important that both parents put their differences aside and come to a mutual acceptance of their child’s diagnosis. From here, both parents can discuss how they can help through the creation of good routines and the types of care that will be beneficial. The creation of a parenting plan is always advisable for a special needs child with separated parents.

If you are struggling to reach a child custody agreement for your ADHD child in the state of Texas, it is important that you conduct research into state laws.