Helping You Reach an Amicable Child Custody Agreement

Children are a pivotal part of a family. Parents in Texas and elsewhere will likely move mountains to please their children and meet their needs. Much pressure and difficulty can be placed on this task during and after divorce. The transition from a one-family home to a two-family home is not only challenging for parents, but this foreign lifestyle can be emotionally taxing on the children involved. Thus, it is important for parents, no matter their stance or animosity with their ex, to consider the best interests of the children when developing a child custody arrangement.

Whether one parent seeks primary custody or both parents are on board with shared parenting, the divorce process requires parents to assess how a parenting plan could influence and impact the lives of their children. At the Law Office of Michael D. Traction, PC, our experienced legal team understands it is not an easy process to agree to a custody agreement; however, we are dedicated to serving parents in the Sugar Land area, helping them reach a favorable and amicable resolution.

Because no two families are alike, no two divorce settlements and child custody agreements are the same. Our lawyers understand the uniqueness of each family, applying that to our strategies to meet our clients’ goals and wishes. Additionally, we realize that there is more than one way to reach a settlement. Thus, we are prepared to help clients through litigation, negotiation, mediation, and collaboration. No matter what divorce process you deem right for yourself, we have experience optimizing the process by successfully guiding clients through until the end.

We are aware that child custody agreements are often revisited in post-divorce life. This is prepared for in the original order by considering possible future occurrences. It is understandable that it is difficult to project the growing needs and changes of children as they age; therefore, we are available to help with the modification of a custody order.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s child custody website. Divorce can be a heated and brutal battle; however, parents going through dissolution should understand ways to reduce these negative effects. This can make for a more amicable process that focuses on the quality of the parent-child relationship, and how it can be best-protected post-divorce.

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