Fun Is Fine, but Visitation Is Best for Bonding

If you are a divorced or divorcing father, you have likely realized that the signing of your final divorce decree and parenting agreement signifies a new beginning every bit as much as an end. Yes, your marriage for all intents and purposes is over, but your relationship with your child now begins anew. And if you are now limited by visitation rules to seeing your child only during designated times, you want to make your every minute together count. But it is important to remember that sometimes less is actually more.

The transition from full-time to part-time father could be a bit confusing at first. Because you love your child, you may be tempted to try to make sure that he or she is constantly happy and entertained during visits. But engaging unrelentingly in fun activities, such as taking trips to Dave and Buster’s or the zoo, can prove exhausting and even distracting. Remember, the purpose of visitation is to help you and your child bond and develop a healthy relationship.

So both you and your child would likely be better served by taking a more laid back approach. You may want to explore things that you can focus on together, such as hobbies or outdoor activities like riding bikes. By taking things a little slower, you will likely find that your time with your child is far more rewarding for the both of you.

Both you and your child have the right and a need to spend time with one another. But if this time is being denied because the child’s other parent is not allowing you access, then you may need to have the matter corrected. A Texas fathers’ rights attorney may be able to help you take the steps needed to have your visitation rights upheld.

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