How Can I Get an Accurate Valuation of Marital Property?

When a couple with a high level of wealth divorces, the division of property can prove complicated. The aim of the division process is to make sure that each party receives his or her fair share of the marital assets. But this task is made difficult due to the fact that the value of some of these assets may not be readily apparent. In fact, there can even be disputes regarding exactly what a given asset is truly worth.

One way to properly account for the total worth of all the property and assets at stake is to utilize the services of a valuation expert. Simply put, a valuation expert is a credentialed individual who typically works for an accounting firm.

A valuation expert can help you account for things you may not have thought were important assets. For example, life insurance policies can increase greatly in value over the years without either spouse taking notice. And since these policies are part of the estate being divided, they must be accurately accounted for.

There are other financial items such as concentrated equity positions and pre-IPO stocks that also bear careful scrutiny. This is because there are a number factors like sales and transfer of ownership that must be counted in the valuation process.

The fact is, to get a fair and equitable settlement, you may need the help of outside parties. And certainly, an experienced divorce attorney is one such party. An attorney can help you get an accurate inventory of your marital assets and work on your behalf in an effort to see that you receive your fair share.

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