A Father’s Love Can Pay Big Dividends for a Daughter

Much is made about the special bond that exists between fathers and sons. It is typically taken as fact that a father’s influence has a great deal of importance in the life of a growing boy. But let us not overlook the role that fathers play in the lives of their daughters.

A university professor who wrote a book about father-daughter relationships contends that a father’s influence on his daughter can extend into many important aspects of her life. For example, it is believed that daughters who have strong relationships with their fathers are less likely to suffer from depression as they get older. They are also less prone to suffering from eating disorders or body weight issues.

Moreover, young women who were “well-fathered,” also tend to adapt the kinds of attitudes and skills that helped them form rewarding relationships with men. Perhaps this is because by spending time with a man who treats her with love and respect, a young woman is better able to recognize the elements of a healthy relationship.

According to one study, there are ways for a father to establish stronger bonds with his daughter. The study cited sharing involvement in activities, such as sports, as one method of achieving closeness. So, too, is taking vacations alone together.

But creating a bond with your daughter takes time and effort. This is why if you are going through the divorce process, it is very important that your parenting agreement allows you the custody or visitation time you need to maintain and grow your relationship with your daughter.

A girl’s development and well-being can be profoundly affected by the love, attention and guidance of her father. As such, before signing a custody agreement, you may wish to consult with a Texas family law attorney. An attorney can help you craft an agreement aimed at serving the best interests of both you and your daughter.

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