Madonna and Guy Ritchie Battle for Custody of Son

Relationships end, but when there are children involved, both parties have no choice but to continue to interact with one another. In many cases, parents will have to sort out the issue of child custody and support, create a visitation schedule and complete a number of other tasks after they have decided to no longer be together. This is something that parents should do while remaining calm and rational, but since children are involved, it is easy for things to quickly turn nasty. These types of situations are really no different for celebrities.

It was recently reported that singer, Madonna, and her ex, Guy Ritchie, are currently involved in a custody battle over their 15-year-old son. The battle between the two parents escalated when their son, who ran off to go and live with his father, decided that he would not return home to Madonna for the holidays. She has since then appeared in court, and a judge has ordered her son to return home, but he has yet to do so.

Since their son wants to stay with his father, Ritchie allegedly has plans to fight for his son to live with him instead of his mother. Although the son and Ritchie want the same thing, Madonna is reportedly against this and is also willing to fight. The two are due in court next month to discuss the matter.

It is not every day that children run off to their other parent’s house, but it can happen anywhere.  When it comes to child custody, some courts will take into consideration what the child wants, but that doesn’t mean their desire will be the deciding factor. Any parent who is facing a child custody battle or is not seeing eye to eye with their child’s other parent may want to speak to an attorney.

Source: People, “Madonna’s Son Rocco Rebelling Against His Mom, Wants to Stay with Dad Guy Ritchie Amid Custody Battle: Source,” Jeff Nelson, Jan. 12, 2016

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