Chris Brown’s Custody Battle Comes to an End

When dealing with the issue of child custody, parents often get angry and emotional at the fact that they could possibly lose custody of their child. It is not an easy thing to deal with, but parents should remain optimistic and hopeful that the right decision will be made about which parent receives custody. In some cases, even though parents are fearful of the outcome, they may be surprised at what a judge will decide in the end.

After a long, stressful battle with the mother of his young daughter, singer Chris Brown has finally gotten the ruling he has been hoping for quite some time. His daughter’s mother had primary custody, but after a Texas judge’s ruling, she and the singer will now have to share custody. Brown will have to continue to pay child support every month, which is currently set at $2500.

Brown is not the first parent to have to deal with a long, trying custody battle. Every day there are mothers and fathers who enter a courtroom and dispute over which of them should receive custody of the child. Like this case, the judge is the one to have the final say, and in some instances, they make the decision for parents to share custody, which is a decision that many may feel is wise.

Parents dealing with issues over child custody should contact an attorney for assistance. Battling over child custody is not helping the child nor is it allowing parents to come to a resolution. With the assistance of an attorney, an arrangement that both parents agree on may be found and the child can continue to have a quality relationship with each parent.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, “Texas judge grants Brown joint custody of toddler daughter,” Sept. 11, 2015

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