What Happens When Grandparents Want Custody of Their Grandchild?

The issue of child custody is a common one for families to deal with. Not only may parents be feuding over custody of their child, but the child’s grandparents may also feel as though they are a better fit for the child. Should this happen, grandparents should not expect parents to just hand over their child or assume that the process of getting custody to be an easy one.

When grandparents wish to seek custody of their grandchild, the courts must examine a number of factors to determine if it is in the best interests of the child that the grandparents receive custody. Along with looking at the child’s needs and the grandparent’s ability to care for the child, courts may also look at whether or not the parent is guilty of neglect, abuse, or substance abuse. It will basically need to be proven that the parents cannot care for the child, but that the grandparents can.

Just because a child’s grandparents want custody, it does not mean it will be awarded to them. In some cases, the grandparents may not feel the parent is fit enough to raise a child, but since the decision is left up to the court, there is a chance that a judge will see something different. With there being a chance of the courts not awarding custody to the grandparents, if it is something they really want, grandparents should do what they can to prove that the parents cannot care for their child properly.

Anyone in the midst of a child custody dispute may want to get assistance from an attorney. When emotions are involved, people may not be thinking clearly, but a resolution is possible if people can cooperate with one another. An attorney may be able to help parents and grandparents come to a decision about custody that will make all parties involved happy, including the child.

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