An Attorney Can Help Get You Alimony from Your Military Spouse

With any divorce, including those that take place between a military member and a civilian or two military members, there is the chance that there will be various issues to discuss and resolve before the divorce can be granted. Topics such as property division and child support may come up, but there is also the chance that one spouse will request to receive alimony. Whether or not a spouse will be awarded alimony varies from case to case, but oftentimes, the court decides how much will be paid and for how long.

When people make a request to receive spousal support, it is often because they do not earn as much as their spouse and need a certain amount of money after the divorce that will allow them to get on their feet so they can support themselves. This is something that the courts may consider fair, especially if after examining certain factors they feel the spouse will have an issue with supporting themselves once both spouses go their separate ways. After taking all of this into account, they may decide on a certain amount that is to be paid each month that will allow this person to live a life similar to the one they did when they were married and financially stable.

Divorce can be a long and trying process even when alimony isn’t being discussed, but when there are issues to be ironed out before everything can be finalized, people may wish to hire an attorney to assist them. Divorce attorneys are familiar with how the process works, so they may be able to help you prove to the court that you deserve to receive alimony from your spouse. With their help, the process may not be as long and drawn out as you expected.

You and your spouse have decided to divorce, so you may require the assistance of an attorney. A divorce attorney at the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton may be able to assist during the process and see to it that your best interest is kept in mind. You may not have the money you need to maintain the standard of living you did during the marriage, but with the help of an attorney, you may be able to get spousal support and continue to be financially stable.

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