Why Unmarried Fathers Should Seek Child Custody in Texas

In our last post, we discussed the rights that unmarried fathers’ are entitled to under the law. However, under Texas law, if a father does not have, at a minimum, joint custody, he is unable to make any real decisions for the child. This is why unmarried fathers should consider seeking child custody. If a father wants to make decisions and influence the child’s life in a stronger way, the only way to legally do this is by achieving sole or joint custody.

To have custody is to have the legal ability to make decisions for a child. Sole-managing conservatorships enable one parent to make all decisions about the child, including primary residence, medical treatments, receiving child support, and much more. Joint-managing conservatorships allow both parents to make the decisions about a child except for the living situation. Typically, one parent lives with the child the majority of the time.

If you are an unmarried father and you are seeking some type of conservatorship, consider Michael D. Tracton as your legal guide. We will ensure that the courts are aware of the fact that you are a good father and want to help make good decisions for your child. The courts believe that it is in the best interest of the child to have active participation in the child’s life from both parents. That is why we will rally for your child custody case.

Unmarried fathers can also be very good parents. The fact that the father is unmarried to the mother does not influence their parenting ability. If you are seeking child custody, remember that you have rights. Exercise your fathers’ rights with help from the legal team at Michael D. Tracton, P.C.

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