Comedian Chris Rock Announces Divorce from His Wife

Most people know Chris Rock from his stand-up comedy days in the early 2000s. Many people in the Sugar Land area have probably enjoyed both his stand-up work and his movies. Recently, however, Rock has been making headlines for other reasons.

Many were shocked when the comedian and his wife recently announced their plans to divorce after 19 years of marriage. Due to Rock’s high-profile career as a comedian, there has been some speculation as to what will come of this¬†high net worth divorce. So far, both Rock and his estranged wife have kept quiet and pleaded with the media to respect their privacy throughout the divorce process.

There have been no reports as to whether the couple executed a prenuptial agreement, which would simplify the divorce process. The couple also had two children during their 19 years of marriage. Neither party has given any information regarding their plans for pursuing child custody.

Once the custody agreement has been tentatively reached, the couple will then have to address child support. In most cases, the noncustodial parent pays child support to the custodial parent.

While much of the details of this divorce are up in the air, one thing is certain, the couple’s high net worth will soon be divided. Their total net worth is unknown, but one can assume that Rock’s successful career as a comedian has allowed him to compile substantial assets. More details will likely be reported as they come to light.

Although most couples do not have the sizeable assets that will likely be at issue in this case, any divorcing person should understand their legal rights and options when it comes to property division during divorce.

Source:¬†, “Chris Rock files for divorce after 19 years of marriage,” Saeed Ahmed, Dec. 29, 2014

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