Judge’s Child Support Decision Favors Former Texas NBA Player

The professional basketball season has not been a healthy one for ex Dallas Maverick point guard Steve Nash. The former Texas athlete struggled to overcome a broken leg and other medical issues that kept him on the Los Angeles Lakers’ bench for 34 games.

Nash has also undergone a legal struggle with his ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla over child support for the couple’s three children. The long-time National Basketball Association player convinced a judge that monetary contributions he makes to his children are adequate.

A judge agreed an increase in child support would provide money for “crazy luxuries” that Nash feels would spoil the children. The ball player argued that his ex-wife received millions of dollars in a divorce settlement but spent money lavishly — a habit Nash doesn’t want his children to develop.

The couple was married for five years. The public learned of Nash’s impending divorce one day following the birth of the couple’s youngest child in 2010.

Nash joined the Lakers in mid-2012. Late last year the point guard went to court to try to stop Amarilla from relocating with the children to Los Angeles. The legal action was unusual since Nash initially supported the move so he could be closer to his children.

For now, Nash will not be forced to pay more child support than he already does. His former wife promises to appeal the court’s decision.

Nash may have gained the judge’s favor by concentrating his argument on the children’s interests rather than his ability to pay additional support. The last thing a family law judge wants to hear in court is parents who make a custody or child support dispute solely about their own needs.

A parent with a spendthrift reputation can seem more interested in supplementing her wealth than her children’s needs. Texas attorneys remind child support litigants that to courts the welfare of a child always comes first.

Source:  huffingtonpost.com, “Steve Nash Child Support: Lakers Star Allegedly Doesn’t Want To Pay Because Ex Might Spoil Kids (REPORT)” Cavan Sieczkowski, May. 01, 2013

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