NBA Dad Asks Court For Emergency Custody Order

Family courts in Texas and elsewhere consider changes in child custody agreements when current custody orders are unfavorable to, or endanger, the welfare of a child. Pro basketball player Dwyane Wade recently asked a court in his home state to terminate his ex-wife’s visitation rights following her arrest for violating the couple’s child custody arrangement.

Wade and his wife were divorced two years ago. The star guard was given custody of the couple’s two boys last March. The former wife’s appeal of the decision was denied.

According to Wade, his ex-wife violated the terms of custody the day before this Father’s Day. The pro athlete’s sister was scheduled to pick up the boys from the ex-wife’s home so they could catch a flight to see him in action.

When Wade’s relative got no response from the boys’ mother, sheriff’s deputies arrived at the residence. Wade’s ex-wife apparently tried to leave the house and resisted arrest. The boys were inside the house in the care of another woman.

Wade’s ex-wife was charged with attempted child abduction, unlawful visitation interference and resisting arrest. She posted a $10,000 bond and is scheduled for an August hearing. The other woman who was in the home was also charged with resisting arrest. The oldest boy later told his father that the woman smacked him on the head.

Wade charged his ex-wife with using their boys as proverbial pawns in a drama-filled divorce. The couple remains locked in a court battle over a division of marital assets.

Disagreements over custody and support between divorcing parents can escalate, involving a tug-of-war with innocent children. Embittered parents who try to manipulate visitations or custody often believe they are hurting an ex-spouse when, in fact, the most long-lasting damage is being inflicted upon the couple’s children.

Source: Yahoo Sports, “Wade dealing with custody issue during Finals,” Tim Reynolds, June 19, 2012

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