Are Wealthy People Getting Divorced More Frequently?

Divorce often occurs because of incompatibility issues, infidelity and financial concerns.

Money plays a role in the likelihood of divorce, but it has a similar impact when factoring in if a couple has too much or too little of it. Wealthy couples stand to lose a lot in a divorce, but this does not reduce the frequency at which these couples file for divorce.

The unique situations of wealthy couples

High-asset or wealthy couples are not insulated from situations of unhappiness or marital strife. However, the divorce rate among wealthy individuals is similar to that of the average individual. Couples who argue about money, whether about not having enough or about how one another spends the money, are more likely to divorce over the issue of finances. While it is a money problem, it does refer to a basic incompatibility between individuals.

Those who have great wealth or who accumulated wealth during the marriage stand to lose their assets or status in a divorce. Money puts stress and strain on a relationship, and wealthy couples often have high monthly expenses to accompany their high income. Divorce presents an option for one or both partners to get away from the mental and physical burden of their lifestyle.

The disparity in wealth

Wealthy couples may also pursue divorce when one spouse is the high-income earner and the other does not contribute as much. Economic disparity in the relationship causes frustration, also leading to incompatibility issues.

Wealthy couples divorce over money like average-income families. However, additional pressures could contribute to the likelihood of divorce.

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