How You Can Uncover Hidden Assets in a Divorce

In a divorce, dividing property and assets is one of the most important decisions that you and your spouse will face. In ideal situations, a couple can agree on a fair and equitable property division settlement. Unfortunately, this does not happen in every divorce.

In some instances, one spouse tries to hide various marital assets to line their own pockets and reduce the amount that their partner receives. If you believe that your spouse is guilty of this, you will have an uphill battle finding the hidden assets. Fortunately, it is possible—and there are some helpful strategies that you can use.

 Strategies for finding hidden assets

If you want to receive a fair and equitable portion of assets, you will need to prove to the court that your spouse has concealed assets. Before you do, you will have to find the assets. This is no mean task, but you can begin by using some of these strategies:

Look at transfers from joint accounts

The first step you should take is to look closely at your joint bank accounts. Do you see any suspicious transfers that your spouse could have made? If so, where was the money transferred? Document this information by printing out bank statements or taking screenshots.

Hire a professional

The complex and often confidential world of finance can make it maddening for an average person to navigate. You may need to seek outside help. Forensic accountants, divorce attorneys, and private investigators all have experience tracking and locating hidden assets.

Take a preemptive inventory

Perhaps you have not yet filed for divorce, but you suspect that your spouse will try to hide money and property. Take an inventory of your bank accounts, property, automobiles, and other assets. If some of these mysteriously vanish, you will have evidence that you once owned them.

Without a doubt, you have a difficult journey ahead of you. Know, however, that you are not alone. Thousands of men and women have emerged from difficult financial situations related to divorce and become stronger, happier people for it.

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