Reasons to Request Modification of Child Support

Divorcing with children can be a challenging time for parents in Texas and elsewhere. Nonetheless, parents will eventually reach an agreement with regards to parenting time and financial support of the child. When child support is involved in a divorce settlement, the amount paid can vary greatly. In some cases, parents split most costs, and child support is enough to set aside income differences between the parents. However, other parents have larger expenses to address, especially if a custodial parent is caring for a child primarily on his or her own or a child has high expenses due to certain factors.

Even though a set amount was reached in an agreement, it is still possible to modify a child support agreement. Modification cannot simply be for any reason, such as a parent not wanting to pay. Modification is necessary when there is a substantial change in circumstances. This could be related to the income of each parent, such as one losing.

The income of the custodial and noncustodial parent can play a role in child support modification requests. Much like a loss in finances related to a job loss or a demotion could cause a primary caretaker to request an increase in support or a noncustodial parent to request a decrease in child support obligations, an increase in income or the receipt of a large inheritance could result in a request for an increase in child support responsibilities.

There are other circumstances that could lead to child support modification. For example, if there is an increase in responsibilities of the minor child by the primary caretaker, this could give rise to seeking an increase in payment. This could include the need for braces or participation in after-school activities. Child support could increase and be a means to assist with the costs associated with an aging child. On the other hand, a noncustodial parent could seek a decrease in child support obligation if they marry or re-marry and have subsequent children. A reduction in child support obligations may be necessary so that parents can support all of his or her children.

Issues related to child support can be messy and emotional. Ensuring the child is financially cared for is an important step to take. Therefore, it is necessary to file a motion to establish child support and seek modification any time it is necessary to address any changes to one’s circumstances.

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