How Do I Get My Service Member Ex to Pay Child Support? Part 1

If you are receiving child support from a member of the armed services, you likely need every dollar to which you are entitled. Often, a military spouse sacrifices career ambitions in favor of moving from place to place in an effort to keep the family together. But if you are recently divorced, you may be engaging in the challenging task of getting back into the workforce.

Since you are doing what you can to provide for your family, it is only fair that your child’s other parent lives up to his or her child support obligations. To do otherwise could put you in a serious financial bind.

But what can you do to get your ex to resume making payments? Well, as it happens, you have some pretty forceful options at your disposal. One of the first things you can do is write a letter requesting assistance from your ex’s commanding officer.

Along with your letter, you should include a copy of the court document that outlines the support terms along with any other evidence that supports your assertion of non-payment. While the commanding officer will not be able to force your ex to make the payments without a court order, he or she could issue some form of punishment.

Hopefully, writing a letter to your ex’s commanding officer will result in the resumption of your support payments. In addition, your ex is responsible for making good on missed payments. But if the letter does not do the trick, you may have to take stronger measures. A family attorney who handles military¬†divorce¬†issues could advise you on the options available for getting payments that you and your children need and are entitled to.

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