Is There a Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation?

Couples may have many reasons why they choose to end their marriage. Whether they are a military couple or a civilian couple, people can often face similar issues that will cause them to question if they should stay married or get a divorce. When couples are at a crossroads and have to make a decision about their marriage, some may decide that legal separation is the best option for the time being, while others may choose to move forward with the divorce and end their marriage.

Legal separation and divorce are two appealing options for couples that are having issues in their marriage.

One of the main differences between divorce and legal separation is that divorce means that the marriage is legally terminated. With a legal separation, the marriage is still valid, but the couple does not live together as they once did. Divorced or separated, they will, however, have to address the topics of separation maintenance, child support, property division and maybe more.

When people look at how legal separation and divorce differ, they may not see much of a difference or may be confused as to why someone would choose one over the other. The reason a person may choose separation over divorce is because there is a chance that they will reconcile with their spouse and get back together with them. This is still an option if they divorce, but if they legally ended their marriage, they will have to get married again.

People don’t always see eye to eye on certain matters, so it is normal for military and civilian couples to experience difficulties in their relationship. Some can get past these issues, but there have been many who believed that divorce or legal separation were the smart way to go. These two options differ, so people may want to speak to an attorney before they decide what they will do and whether or not they will try to work things out or end their marriage.

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