Consider Requesting Sole Custody of Your Child

It can be an exhausting and trying experience when parents decide to battle for custody over their children. Sometimes, parents may only be doing so because they want to get back at the other parent and feel as though using the child to do so is a good idea. However, there are some instances where a parent seeks sole custody because the other parent is unfit.

Many people may expect that mothers are the parents who tend to go for sole custody, but there have been some fathers who choose to exercise their rights and go for sole custody as well. Often, a father may be concerned about how to fit the mother may be and whether or not she is able to properly care for the child. While a mother may be seen as the primary caregiver and is likely to be awarded sole custody when parents are disputing, there is always a chance that the courts will agree with the father that the mother is unfit, and he will be awarded sole custody of the child.

When two parents decide to dispute over child custody instead of working together to find an arrangement that is beneficial to the child, it can be damaging to all parties involved. The child’s needs should be put first. A child should not automatically go to the mother if she is unable to properly care for the child. In some cases, the best caregiver is the father.

Child custody battles are not easy, and it is not something that parents should have to go through alone, whether it’s the mother or the father. Anyone who is currently dealing with a child custody dispute can contact an attorney at the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton. An attorney may be able to help you prove to a judge that you are the best option and get you sole custody of your child.

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