Jewel Announces Divorce from Ty Murray on Her Blog

When most people think of the divorce of a high-profile couple, they think stress and months of bashing each other in the press. This often happens since the famous couple typically has a high net worth divorce to reckon with. The amount of money and assets to be divided can bring out the worst in people. Such doesn’t seem to be the case for singer Jewel and her husband of 16 years, Ty Murray. The couple has resided on a Texas ranch for the past several years with their son and recently announced their plans to divorce.

Jewel and Murray seemed to have a wonderful marriage that welcomed a son in 2011. Jewel has had a successful career as a singer and Murray, a professional rodeo cowboy. However, on July 2, Jewel went to her blog to explain their mutual decision to divorce. Jewel stated, “… we have no desire to damage ourselves or each other in the process (of divorce)…”

This is a positive attitude rarely seen concerning celebrity divorces since the marriages tend to end bitterly with nothing to salvage. The money and assets are then seen as the only item worth obtaining from the broken marriage, which leads to conflict. Based on both parties' professional success, the marital property up for division is assumed to be substantial. Hopefully, the positive tone of the couple’s split can resonate through the deliberations, especially during the division of the assets.

Few couples, whether high-profile or not, share the calm and positive attitude that Jewel and Murray seem to enjoy during their divorce. This is a great attitude to have, especially when concerning the division of assets and money. It can make the parties more willing to negotiate which can expedite the entire divorce process and leave both parties feeling satisfied. According to Jewel and Murray, “… We wish only what is best for our son.”

Source:, “Jewel, husband Ty Murray to divorce,” July 3, 2014

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