Texas Couples Raises Money on Internet to Adopt Child

While many families are blessed with babies as many times as they like, one couple in Katy, Texas has not been so lucky. They have been trying to start a family for years, but there is just one thing holding them back. About $40,000. So they did what millions of Americans do every day – they turned to the Internet. They have decided to rely on the kindness and contributions of strangers to help them with their cause. The couple have started a web site help them raise money to adopt a baby boy.

The website was the brain child of the wife of their pastor, and the site has already generated about $10,000. They still have almost $30,000 to go.

While more conventional methods may work for some, the couple is relying on getting the word out online and keeping the faith so they can get the baby boy they dream about. They have even picked out a name.

Infertility can be heartbreaking for those individuals with families on their minds. Alternatives to having a child of one’s own can run the gamut. This couple prays they will reach their goal and are planning on being a part of the baby’s upcoming Caesarean shortly. Then they have five days to come up with the balance of the adoption fees or lose the baby.

The wife has said she already loves her baby-to-be and is hoping web users will reach deeply into their pockets to help them start their family. Her faith is strong, and she prays daily for protection of her little one, who is expected to make his arrival to the world soon. Hoping against hope, she and her husband will be present to witness one tiny miracle that will change their lives for many years to come.

There are many childless couples who are desperate to become loving parents. In entering into any situation where adoption agreements are involved, it is challenging to put one’s emotions aside and consider legal and procedural parameters before investing too much time and money. Couples waiting to become parents are advised to get all the information regarding such a decision so that heartbreak can be avoided after the fact.

Source: kens5.com, “Texas couple attempts to raise money online to pay adoption costs” Rucks Russell, Jan. 08, 2014

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