Texas Prenuptial Agreements Test Marriage Strengths

Texas matrimonial lawyers learn through experience what makes marriages crumble. Couples who separate and divorce often have financial issues that include widely divergent views on how to save or spend money. Some divorce litigators suggest prenuptial agreements prevent rude awakenings about finances after marriage.

No married couple escapes conversations about finances. Some fiancés feel premarital financial discussions ruin romantic moments leading up to weddings. Marriage and divorce experts have learned that tiptoeing around money matters during engagement invites post-marital shocks.

Money is a sensitive issue but budgeting, spending, investing and saving are unavoidable marital realities. Premarital agreements force couples to address the dry, practical subject of finances before making legal commitments to one another.

States have already set guidelines for prenuptial agreements by creating asset division laws based on marital status. Couples who sign prenuptial agreements refine asset agreements that, in essence, already exist.

With prenuptial agreements, formal plans for asset ownership are negotiated before marriage changes the rules. Money discussions can be deep and difficult, but healthy by helping couples avoid unexpected financial surprises.

It’s no secret that finances are the trigger for many divorces. Premarital money conversations and prenuptial agreements remove doubts about financial expectations through marriage and in case of divorce or a spouse’s death.

Legal counselors also feel fiancés who learn to resolve money issues are in a stronger relationship position than couples who wait to address them. Differences of opinion will arise no matter how much couples love one another. Handling the hard tasks together, like money management, is often a true test of the strength of a marriage.

Texas matrimonial attorneys recommend that fiancés prepare for a prenuptial agreement by learning about state and federal laws that pertain to marital finances. Experts suggest that having a thorough money talk with a future spouse can save time and financial heartache after the days of intense romance mellow into marriage.

Source: huffingtonpost.com, “How To Strengthen Your Marriage With A Prenup,” Erik Newton, Feb. 13, 2013

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