Why Pre-nuptials? Contract or Just in Case?

As the drawing up of pre-nuptial agreements are taking place, some couples are saying, “I do,” but others could be saying, “I might.” A recent report affirms that pre-nuptials are a growing trend used to secure the futures of thousands of couples. With men and women living longer these days, and baby boomers on their second or third trip to the altar, one must think of the possibilities after the honeymoon is indeed over.

Some couples say it takes the romance out of the wedding day. Others say they wouldn’t go into a marriage without one. “I think it’s a set up for failure,” claims one future groom. The only people he says he knows that have a prenup are either divorced or on their way to a one. He maintains they just don’t have the right vision – the right mindset for romance or for marriage.

One couple is opening their wedding gifts and thinking about their ceremony. In meetings with the pastor, prior to the wedding, they underwent marital counseling. Their decision was “what’s yours is mine,” and “what’s mine is yours.” With some leeway for certain exceptions, of course.

The bride said the groom brought up a prenup, but ultimately, they felt like everything belonged to both of them. They felt like they weren’t getting married just emotionally and physically – but also financially.

In a recent survey among those familiar with divorce proceedings, about 51 of them have seen an increase of such binding pre-nuptial contracts. That’s quite a shift in values. Other attorneys disagree, claiming his clients have requested a low number of post-nuptials in recent years.

Such an agreement can be signed at any time during one’s union. As baby boomers grow older, they acquire more assets, and they may specifically want to designate these assets to a special son, daughter or other relative.

Instead of duking it out in divorce court, there is help out there. A pre-nup can be an treaty of protection for financial issues for both parties. The most romantic of all of us may use them as ways to make serious deals with the spouse. One thing is true, if you make up one of the prenups, you will need help. While a prenuptial agreement, may not kill romance, it can sure run the risk of providing fodder for some very juicy arguments in the future.

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