3 times Not to Tell Your Teenagers about Your Divorce

The end of a marriage can be hard on kids, with some developing anger, sadness, or even depression during and after the divorce.  To help your children cope, you want to provide as much stability and emotional support as possible. You also must pick the right time to tell your kids about your divorce.

While there is probably no perfect time to inform your kids about the end of your marriage, there are times that are simply not good. Here are three times you should wait to tell your teenagers about your divorce.

1. During finals

Even if your children are average students, finals can be stressful. Consequently, if your teens are taking standardized tests or other major exams, you may want to wait until they conclude before breaking the news of your divorce to them.

2. During their own breakups

There is nothing quite like a teenage romance. If your children are going through their own breakups, they may be experiencing a wide range of emotions. Adding your divorce to your teens’ plates may be more than they can handle.

3. During a family fight

If your marriage is coming to an end, you and your spouse may not be feeling amicable. You do not want to tell your kids about your divorce during a fit of rage, though. If you and your husband or wife can explain the divorce to the kids in a calm and united way, your children may have an easier time processing the news.

While you likely cannot wait forever to inform your teenagers of your divorce, you can pick a strategic time. Ultimately, any effort you and your spouse put into having the conversation in a positive way at the right time is likely to benefit your kids.

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