Grey’s Anatomy Star in Lengthy Divorce Battle

Deciding to end a marriage is only the beginning. Once a couple files for divorce, spouses could be in for a long haul. While an amicable ending could mean a relatively fast dissolution, those that are more hostile could mean a lengthy battle. Even when it seems like everything is worked through, more issues could arise, causing a divorce to last years.

Based on recent reports, the Grey’s Anatomy star, Jesse Williams, is still dealing with divorce issues. It has been two years since he filed for divorce. The two share two children ages three and five. Since filing, there has been an ongoing battle in court to address various legal issues.

The most recent filing involves Williams’ ex requesting attorney’s fees. Based on court reports, she requested that the court order Williams to pay her lawyer’s fees, amounting to $100,000, and she also seeks $110,000 to pay for the forensic accounting that took place during their matter.

Williams responded to these requests by filing an objection. The documents filed stated that Williams has already paid $270,000 toward legal fees for his ex-wife. He continued by stating that she too is responsible to pay her attorney’s fees because this is not a free ride. Based on reports, his ex has been able to avoid seeking meaningful employment, inferring that she prefers to live comfortably off of the substantial spousal support.

No matter what divorce legal issues one is faced with, it is important that spouses understand how best to address the situation. This could mean reducing the time it takes to arrive at a final resolution, ensuring his or her rights are also protected.

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