A high asset divorce can require more time, care and consideration than many other divorce cases, as there can be a large amount of property to sort through and protect. Our readers may have heard the news that the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, will be going through a divorce. According to reports, Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, has a net worth of $137 billion, and he is divorcing his wife after 25 years of marriage. Financial experts say that their decisions during the dissolution process could have huge financial ramifications, even impacting the U.S. economy.

Included in Bezos’ net worth is a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, charitable gifts, foundations and roughly 16 percent of Amazon’s stock. All of this needs to be divided, and could be split in half if a prenuptial agreement does not exist. How they divide up the Amazon stock could alter and even affect the value of Amazon. It is possible that they could agree to hold on to the stock together, reducing the overall impact. While there is no sign that the divorce is contentious, even an amicable split can pose some problems. Thus, it is important that they carefully work through this high asset divorce.

No matter the cause of reason for dissolution, in the case of a high asset divorce a certain level of care and precision is required. Divorcing spouses should take the time to understand the assets and property involved in the matter so they can ensure no assets are hidden or overlooked.