Wife of Celebrity Chef Files for Divorce after Domestic Abuse

Even when one looks at a marriage that has withstood the test of time, lasting over 50 years, there is truly no perfect relationship or marriage. And, some married couples in Texas and elsewhere, marriages can last much less than expected. No one can prepare for the events a marriage will bring, making it important to consider what a couple can do to address any marital problems that may arise, evenĀ filing for divorce.

According to recentĀ reports, the wife of celebrity chef, Grady Spears, filed for divorce. This occurred just a day after their third wedding anniversary after Wendy Hutchinson Mann-Spears claimed that she was assaulted by her husband in their home. Reports indicated that she filed for a temporary protective order just days before filing for divorce.

In her filing, she listed discord or conflict of personalities that destroyed the marriage as the reason for divorce. She further alleged that Spears was guilty of cruel treatment towards her. Based on the documentation, Spears told his wife that there will be a funeral, implying that he was going to kill her during an argument the two had.

However, in response to these allegations, the ex-wife of Spears said that in their 10 years of marriage, he never once hit her. She does not believe these claims of domestic assault. Nonetheless, there are various police reports that evidence events of domestic abuse.

No matter the cause or reason for divorce, it is important to understand one’s rights in the matter. This might mean exploring measures one can take to protect him or herself while they initiate the divorce process. This not only ensures their safety but also that their rights are protected.

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