Parental Relocation Post-Divorce

Dealing with family law issues during divorce is challenging. Parents in Texas may not entirely agree with child custody and support issues. However, these are vital decisions to make. It might seem like it took an eternity to reach agreeable terms, so it can be very frustrating when these issues need to be revisited post-divorce.

While it is challenging to go through, post-divorce child custody issues are fairly common. They might simply arise because the needs of the child have changed or a parent has petitioned to go from visitation to joint custody. However, some parents seek custody modification because of parental relocation.

While some parents might be on the search for a job elsewhere, job changes can be surprising. Whether it is relocation due to a job offer or job change, when a parent seeks to move, they need to consider how this will impact the current order in place. The best way to address this family law issue is to consider the best interest of the child.

There are a few reasons where a move is not only valid but could benefit a child. This occurs if the move puts the parent and child closer to extended family members, allows a parent to seek a better job, allows a parent to seek better housing opportunities, or allows for regular visitation to remain possible. When going to court with a relocation-related dispute, the courts tend to be in favor of an order that will not disrupt the child’s life any more than necessary. In fact, the court has shown a tendency to view relocation as something that may not be in the best interest of the child.

No matter the reason for relocation, it is important to understand that a move means revisiting a child custody order. Whether you seek to have your child move with you or not, parents need to spell out what this means when it comes to parenting time and parental rights.

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